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Est. 2014  Consumer Financial Services Law Monitor
Timely updates on the financial services industry with a focus on recent developments in the law, upcoming regulatory deadlines, and significant judicial opinions that may impact the industry. Areas of particular focus include: mortgage lenders and services; credit card lenders; debt buyers and collectors; consumer reporting agencies; auto finance; online lenders; and service contractors.
Est. 2013  Environmental Law and Policy Monitor
Tracking each important environmental law and policy development and offering our initial impressions as to what they could mean for the businesses to which they apply.
Est. 2012  HR Law Matters
Created for HR professionals and others who deal with all types of employee issues, and who know how much HR law matters. The blog focuses on labor and employment laws covering HR best practices, creative strategies and unique ideas on all human resources matters.
Est. 2011  PPP Emerging Trends
Troutman Sanders Strategies monitors the developments and activities of public-private partnerships. We will provide ongoing and timely news and updates.
Est. 2011  Tobacco Law Blog
Troutman Sanders Tobacco Team provides timely blog posts regarding the tobacco industry to inform you of recent changes in the law, upcoming regulatory deadlines and significant judicial opinions that may impact your business.
Est. 2010  Information Intersection
Connects legal issues arising from considerations of privacy, data security, information technology, outsourcing, e-commerce, the Internet and social media, information management and e-discovery.
Est. 2009  Virginia IP Law
Analysis and commentary by Troutman Sanders attorneys on developments in intellectual property law, with a focus on the Eastern District of Virginia and Western District of Virginia.
Est. 2009  Renewable Energy Insights
Discusses news and information relating to renewable energy project development, regulation and finance.
Est. 2009  Washington Energy Report
Provides insight on developments relating to energy industry regulation, including regulatory changes, federal and state programs and legislative news.