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Canadian Practice

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Troutman Sanders has a number of attorneys in a variety of practice areas who represent Canadian companies with respect to their U.S. legal needs. We have significant experience in the fields of securities and corporate finance; mergers and acquisitions; corporate; international trade; energy regulation; energy trading; intellectual property; immigration; tax; government contracts; and complex litigation. We pride ourselves in effectively handling our matters in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Examples of our attorneys’ transactional and regulatory experiences include the following:

  • Acting as counsel on U.S. public and private equity and debt offerings for Canadian issuers, Canadian and U.S.  underwriters or agents and Canadian and U.S. investors
  • Assisting Canadian companies with U.S. exchange listings and U.S. periodic reporting obligations
  • Structuring and implementing merger and acquisition and joint venture transactions
  • Advising Canadian trade associations regarding electricity policy and trade issues
  • Advising Canadian governmental agencies regarding U.S. regulatory issues
  • Representing Canadian utilities on U.S. regulatory and cross-border matters
  • Representing Canadian lumber companies in U.S. trade disputes
  • Advising Canadian companies on U.S. patent, copyright and trademark protection matters
  • Advising Canadian companies regarding U.S. immigration and employment matters
  • Representing Canadian companies in U.S. federal and state litigation matters

Recent Recognition for Troutman Sanders’ Canadian Practice

Thomson Reuters’ 2013 (Full Year) and 2014 (First Nine Months) Global Capital Markets Review – Legal Advisors

Canada Equity & Equity-Related – Issuer Legal Advisor

    • #11 ranked firm on the list (#2 U.S.-based firm on the list (tied) – First Nine Months 2014)
    • #11 ranked firm on the list (#2 U.S.-based firm on the list – Full Year 2013)

Canada Equity & Equity-Related – Manager Legal Advisor

    • #5  ranked firm on the list (#1 U.S.-based firm on the list – First Nine Months 2014)
    • #8 ranked firm on the list (#1 U.S.-based firm on the list (3 years in a row) – Full year 2013)

Bloomberg’s Global M&A Market Review Legal Rankings (Third Quarter)

Canada Announced Deals – Any Involvement (ranked by deal count)

    • #20 ranked firm on the list