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The Troutman Sanders Antitrust Practice Group has over 30 attorneys located primarily in the firm's offices in New York, Atlanta, Washington, and Richmond. Troutman Sanders attorneys have earned recognition from clients and colleagues for their antitrust expertise and experience in all aspects of criminal and civil litigation, government investigations, compliance programs, trade association representation, and Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) filings as well as related government proceedings on both the federal and state level. Whether obtaining clearance for a merger from the Federal Trade Commission, avoiding a fine or threat of criminal proceedings in dealing with the Department of Justice, or securing a jury verdict in a multi-district treble damage class action, the Troutman Sanders Antitrust Practice Group has achieved outstanding results for our clients.

The members of this Practice Group have represented clients in government investigations brought by the United States Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, numerous state agencies, and various international competition enforcers. Members of the Group have represented a broad range of businesses in complex and landmark civil antitrust litigation in federal and state courts throughout the United States in industries ranging from healthcare to transportation, from energy to telecommunications, from media/entertainment to high tech products, and many others. The Troutman Sanders Antitrust Practice Group takes great pride in its accomplishments in litigation and formal proceedings and is committed to vigorous representation of our clients by use of all of the resources of the firm.

While always ready to confront antitrust challenges in the courtroom, the Group also recognizes that helping clients anticipate problems, achieve business objectives and avoid litigation are often as important as successful advocacy. Consequently, the Group works closely with all other Troutman Sanders practice groups to assist clients in recognizing and minimizing problems. Through effective counseling and compliance, we seek to minimize the burdens of litigation and allow our clients to focus on what they do best — conduct their business. We are committed to remaining aware of our clients' business needs and we routinely involve the resources of experts in various business areas and our government affairs group in order to apply sound and practical judgment and offer a range of options to deal with all situations.



Barry J. Brett